Father’s Day Card

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Mindful Moments

In this blog series, I am excited to be sharing a monthly mindful moment. This is where I will provide you with valuable information on mindfulness, while sharing different activities or games that encourage mindfulness for both you and your child. Let's jump in!

We are in the month of June, which means Father's Day is approaching! For this mindful moment I thought it was only fitting to have a printable Father’s Day activity. Remember that any activity can be made into a mindful moment by simply reminding yourself to be fully present and in the moment…. whatever that means. The activity is a simple arts and crafts project, with the basic cutting, gluing, and drawing required. What makes this activity such a mindful moment experience, is you! And how you present this to your children.

Before you get started, click here to access the print out Tie image. Set up the area that you will be using during this activity. I would recommend using an area with a table and tablecloth, or somewhere with an open space and a tablecloth placed on the floor. Have all of the materials listed below on the tablecloth except for the scissors (always hold onto scissors and hand directly to child when you're ready). Adding some calming music to play softly in the background is always a plus.

It is very important to remember that your tone of voice is crucial when talking to children, especially in mindful moment exercises. Make sure to speak in a soft, loving tone. Speak to your children outside of the space that you have set up. Explain to them that you are all going to do a fun activity for Father's Day, but that this activity is different because it is a mindful moment activity! Explain that once they enter the room, everyone has to pay very close attention to themselves and focus on how they are feeling while trying to stay quiet!


1. Tie print-out

2. Scissors

3. Colorful construction paper

4. Glue

5. Markers


1. Pick a sheet of construction paper for your Father's Day card

2. Fold the sheet of construction paper in half

3. Cut out the ties, creating two tie shaped cut outs

4. Paste the “Happy Father’s Day” Tie on the front of your card

5. Write a note for dad on the inside of the card

6. Draw and decorate as you like

I hope you and your children enjoy this activity as much as I have. If you have any topics that you would like to see addressed in the blog, leave suggestions in the comments below! You can also email hello@pieceofmindyoga.com to schedule private yoga sessions in the Miami area. Stay tuned for our yoga pose of the month post next week!

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